Delivery Options

All items sold on YoMarketPlace are purchased directly from authorised Sellers. Some of the items may come with a manufacturer's guarantee. YoMarketPlace also provides Buyer Protection on all items purchased on the Platform. To return an item purchased on YoMarketPlace, check if the item meets the requirements outlined in the Return Policy. Sellers are managing and are responsible for all the deliveries for their respective orders made on YoMarketPlace.

Delivery fee

Delivery fee may differ from Seller to Seller, location of the Buyer and Shipping method chosen by the Buyer and/or provided by the Seller. The delivery fee will be shown on the order page before completing the order on the Platform.

Item warranty

Some of the items may come with a manufacturer's warranty. The Seller may provide a warranty at their sole discretion and is not obligated to do so. To protect our Buyers, YoMarketPlace provides Buyer Protection on all products purchased on the Platform.

Paying for delivery

The payment for item delivery will be made while placing an order on the Platform, and the total cost consists of the item cost + tax + delivery fee. The payment shall be made via online payment method and/or cash on delivery.

Estimated delivery time

The standard delivery time is (7) seven days; however, this may vary by location and the item purchased. Estimated Delivery Time will be shown on the product details page.

Internationally Deliveries

YoMarketPlace is still operating only in Zimbabwe, and all deliveries will be made locally.